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Are you ready to explore?
We are an Open Space Preserve of the City of Prescott Recreation Services Department, that means the Community Nature Center is always free for any families or community members who want to visit, recreate, or explore between 7:00am and Sunset any day.


What should I know about taking children & youth to the Community Nature Center?

  • We have a nature play area and lots of trails for children & guardians to explore.  Outdoor play has been shown to improve children's social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development (Chawla, 2015). Our nature play area has loose parts (pine cones, wood, stones, sticks, seed pods, etc.) that are naturally occurring in Arizona. These items provide an opportunity for children to practice engineering skills, conduct experiments, create patterns, and other activities that build early language, literacy, and numeracy skills.

  • Hiking and playing outdoors can be both risky & rewarding. Outdoor play and exploration are healthy options for children and youth. Risky nature play is play that allows children to take developmentally appropriate risks (ex. picking up sticks, jumping, moving on uneven ground) in order to learn how to make safe decisions independently. All nature play, just like indoor play, has inherent risk. As a parent, you can help your child explore nature, stay safe, and discover their strengths by playing and learning outdoors. If you have questions about how to explore or play safely with young children, please contact us.

  • Family, children, and youth groups are welcome at the Community Nature Center. We welcome explorers and adventurers of all ages and abilities to visit our 18 acre Open Space Preserve. If your group has over 10 people in it, please be sure to have a permit ahead of time for the safety of your group and others at the Community Nature Center. You can get a permit for your group by calling (928) 777-1558 during regular business hours. Adults are always responsible for themselves and any minors they bring to the Community Nature Center.

  • In 2021, e will begin offering a small after-school program for Abia Judd Elementary students. This program will be 100% free and outdoors. Programming will vary, with a mix of hiking, nature exploration, arts & crafts, building, free play, games, and homework help. Program prioritization is given to families with limited access to after school care or financial barriers. We always strive to accept and support students of all abilities and backgrounds. To receive a full program description and program application please apply by clicking the green button below.


* Learn more about the the City of Prescott park & open space rules and regulations by CLICKING HERE.

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